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We have a full line of Tanita body fat scales at the net's lowest prices!

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Tanita body fat monitors accurately measure both body weight and body fat percentage in seconds (some models now measure hydration level as well)! Better than ordinary bathroom scales, Tanita body fat monitors help you determine the shape you're in, and monitors your progress in lowering your body fat percentage.

We now have the new Tanita InnerScan line of body composition monitors: several models to choose from that also measure muscle mass, visceral fat, give you a physique rating, calorie intake level and more.

When you buy your body fat scale from us, you'll be assured that you've gotten the best price anywhere: Find the same model body fat scale for less anywhere else, and we'll match the price! And when you buy your body fat monitor with us, you can expect FAST delivery. With over 99.9% of items in stock, we ship most orders within 24 hours!

Tanita Home Use Body Fat Scales

Tanita TBF-680 body fat scale with New Guest Mode, Weight Recall feature, Healthy Range feature and Daily Calorie Intake feature. With Adult, Athlete & Child modes plus weight only button

Tanita home-use body fat scales are designed as a superior alternative to ordinary bathroom scales. Tanita body fat scales measure both body fat percentage and body weight in just seconds!

Simply enter height, gender and user mode, step on the body fat monitor, and within seconds you'll have a precise weight and body fat percentage reading.

And Tanita body fat scales come in a range of models with features such as Healthy Range Indicator, Daily Caloric Intake, Weight Recall and Graph Feature that help you monitor your weight and body fat.

Click here for a handy comparison chart to compare all the home-use Tanita body fat scales at once.

Tanita Professional Body Composition Analyzers

Tanita TBF-410 professional body composition analyzer

Tanita professional body composition analyzers are designed for hospitals, physicians' offices, fitness centers & gyms, wellness centers, and any other facility that requires highly precise weight measurements, along with accurate body composition readings.

Tanita professional body fat monitors measure weight, body fat percentage, hydration level, lean body mass, BMI (body mass index) and more. And the convenient printer, available with most professional body composition analyzers, makes it simple to update patient or client records with current data.

Used with Tanita's Health Management Software, the professional body composition analyzers are a complete solution for designing and tracking effective diet and exercise programs.

Click here for a handy comparison chart to compare all the professional Tanita body composition monitors at once.


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